How and Why To Use a Server Rack?

Server rack cabinets are important to you business success because they provide a space for vital equipment that is crucial to the survival of your organization. If you select the right server rack, you will keep your equipment cool, your power running, and your downtime minimized.

II – Picking the Right Size Rack

You must pick a server rack with enough space to house all of your equipment, as well as any additional future purchases. The internal height of a server rack is measured from the highest location of any side rail to the bottom chassis; the inside depth of a server rack is measured from the insides of front and rear doors; and inside width is measured one side panel to the other one. Make sure that the rack external dimensions will fit in the floor space planned for it. Also, make sure to check that it will be able to be safely positioned through all doorways. Also make sure that the placement meets any significant clearance or safety specifications. Also make sure to always make use of appropriate rack-loading methods, including placing the heavier pieces of equipment at the bottom of the rack to prevent a rack from becoming unstable and too top-heavy. Make sure to decide about what you want to put in the front and back of the rack (based on when and how often you will need to obtain access or take out equipment), and have additional persons assist in loading equipment that is too much weight &/or above your head.

III – Security

If you are building a new datacenter, try to build away from roads, reduce the number of windows in the datacenter, and make sure there is physical security on all exits and entrances.

Also, there are security considerations when it comes to the environment of a datacenter. Make sure to monitor amperage draw per circuit, temperature, and water leaks. If you have any questions, please call Server Racks and Cable Inc. 1-212-757-0095 as we have successfully built hundreds of datacenters.